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    Crisis Management 101

    | January 24, 2012

    Governor Romney’s promotes his tenure at Bain Capital as an example of his strength as a turnaround artist, rescuing companies like Staples and The Sports Authority from failure. He promises that if elected President, this experience will lead him to succeed in rescuing the US economy. Governor Romney’s tenure as Massachusetts’ Governor begs the question […]

    Judge gets “Snarky” in Olivia Cortez Ruling

    | October 4, 2011

    Judge Edward O. Burke has officially declared his retirement in the next cycle for retention. His nakedly political commentary within his ruling on the Russell Pearce Recall hearing over candidate Olivia Cortez will not go unnoticed. In his ruling, released yesterday, Judge Burke painstakingly works through the various examples of candidate fraud, testing the Cortez […]

    Phoenix Isn’t Safe for Tea Partiers Anymore

    | April 18, 2011

    I have been stewing on this all weekend. I attended the “Feet to the Fire” rally at the Arizona State Capital in Phoenix on Friday night (4/15/2011) hosted by Americans for Prosperity. Here is a link to the video showing the protestors in opposition to the event circling the perimeter. Arizona “Feet to the Fire” […]

    Scalpels Are For Sissies!

    | April 11, 2011

    David Plouffe, senior White House advisor, said yesterday on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace that the President promised in January to reduce the deficit by using a scalpel, not a machete! Unfortunately, we NEED a machete! (Actually, what we really need is a wood chipper, like in the movie Fargo. If the left can […]

    Democrats Should fear a shutdown more than Republicans!

    | April 8, 2011

    Okay. Say that the Continuing Resolution falls through and the Federal Government is forced into a partial shutdown this weekend. Big whoop; like anything is going to happen on a weekend anyway! The real issue is what happens during the following week. While the funding for the troops is important and will certainly be used […]


    | April 7, 2011

    Congressman Paul Ryan’s proposed budget reform is a distraction.  It is intended to take your eye off the ball.  The burning issue of the day is the Continuing Resolution for the Federal Fiscal Year 2011.  The Democrats failed to pass a budget in 2010.  The Republicans have also failed to propose a budget, and instead […]

    The Arizona Compact

    | March 25, 2011

    Immigrants, both legal and illegal, are integrated into communities across Arizona. We must adopt a rational approach to this reality,…

    Obama’s Presidential Disaster Bracket

    | March 18, 2011

    Much has been said and written about President Obama’s withdrawal from his responsibilities as President. He neglects his own budget crisis, but comments on Wisconsin’s public battle between Governor Walker and Public Employee Unions. He remains indecisive on America’s response to Libya, but unveils his picks for the NCAA Tournament. This gave me an idea. […]

    Is it OVER yet?

    | January 18, 2011

    Is it OVER yet? Can we stop acting like wussies yet? Can we get back to calling the Liberal Democrats the no good, hornswoggling, dirty, rotten, baby killin’ so they oughta be shot, socialist, commie, pigs that we all know that they are? Sheeesh!  This Kumbaya stuff is about to drive me nuts! I got […]


    | August 20, 2010

    In every scary movie, there’s a scene where someone tries to flee, but the engine won’t start. The suspense builds and usually, just at the last minute before the evil “thing” can attack, the engine finally starts and the “good guy” escapes. At last night’s LD19 District Republican meeting we found out that James Molina […]