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    Judge gets “Snarky” in Olivia Cortez Ruling

    | October 4, 2011

    Judge Edward O. Burke has officially declared his retirement in the next cycle for retention. His nakedly political commentary within his ruling on the Russell Pearce Recall hearing over candidate Olivia Cortez will not go unnoticed. In his ruling, released yesterday, Judge Burke painstakingly works through the various examples of candidate fraud, testing the Cortez […]

    Phoenix Isn’t Safe for Tea Partiers Anymore

    | April 18, 2011

    I have been stewing on this all weekend. I attended the “Feet to the Fire” rally at the Arizona State Capital in Phoenix on Friday night (4/15/2011) hosted by Americans for Prosperity. Here is a link to the video showing the protestors in opposition to the event circling the perimeter. Arizona “Feet to the Fire” […]